Sale 101-In-1 Explosive Megamix  DS UTDKWMQDY

101-In-1 Explosive Megamix DS UTDKWMQDY

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101 minigames in different genresWireless multiplayerFull support of unique Nintendo DS featuresHigh-score tables, unlockable bonuses and extra features

Welcome to the home of 101 mind-blowing games for all tastes! Whether you like puzzle games, sport games or fast-paced arcade action, you'll definitely find something to suit you here! You can play alone or team up with your friends in wireless VS battles. Jump in - ten of hours of games await you!

Box Contains

  • 101 games in different genres
  • Wireless multiplayer
  • Support of unique Nintendo DS features
  • High-score tables, unlockable levels

    101-In-1 Explosive Megamix Nintendo DS UTDKWMQDY

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